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Many people who have experienced weight loss from taking Noni regularly. Taking 30mls of Noni per day and the magic of that potion allowing you to indulge in eating and drinking whatever you want without gaining an ounce! Sadly, that doesn’t happen.
What is Noni Juice? What is Noni Drink? What is Morinda Citrifolia (Juice)?
But taking Noni regularly does help with weight loss on many levels. Firstly, it increases the overall state of health and as a result energy levels increase. If you have more energy, you are more likely to begin, in a small way, to resume some sort of exercise, perhaps starting with a daily morning walk, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Included in almost every feedback we receive from people who take Noni, is that their bowel movements improve. Taking Noni on a regular basis assists in eliminating toxins from the body through the need to excrete more frequently. People who have suffered from constipation for years find relief by regularly taking Noni juice. Excreting toxins from the body has many benefits, and weight loss is just one of them. Noni’s action includes purifying the blood, stimulating the immune system, regulating cell function, and regeneration of damaged cells.

Research has shown an important connection between sleep and weight loss. Without sufficient sleep the bodies metabolism may decrease, making it difficult to loose or maintain weight. The old adage of needing 8 hours sleep per night is now scientifically proven. People who are considering losing weight should think of healthy sleeping habits in the same sentence as healthy eating habits and good exercise habits. Taking Noni juice can improve sleeping habits. This can occur as a result of an improvement in general overall health and through a reduction in stress.

The antioxidants in Noni may help you feel better during your weight loss efforts. That’s because antioxidants can help your body fight the free radicals that are released in your body as you shed unwanted fat. The metabolic processes in your body that break down fat produce these cell-damaging free radicals, which are linked to cancer and other major health issues.

You’ll also find fruit and leaf preparations in teas, capsules and tablets. Any fat-burning potential in a noni diet pill that have proven metabolism-boosting activity.


Morinda Citrifolia is a member of the herb family Rubaiceae commonly called Noni. The trees grow in the volcanic soil of the South Pacific, including Hawaii, the Cook Islands and Tahiti. Noni is yellow with a lumpy texture, and it smells like rotten cheese.


More than 40 known herbal remedies are produced using every part of the Morinda Citrifolia tree, including the Noni fruit.

Noni juice as an antioxidant-filled, natural health drink claim that it is effective in immune system support. They claim that it increases physical and sexual performance and supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Weight Loss

A questionably unscientific survey performed by Dr. Neil Solomons claims 72 percent of 4,599 users reported that they used Noni juice to fight obesity. That percentage of people claimed to have experienced weight loss.

Disease Treatment

If you have allergies, Noni Juice can help you with your symptoms. Noni Juice supports your immune system by boosting it, and the Noni Juice also regulates it by controlling the common symptoms of allergic and auto-allergic responses. Noni Juice also has phytonutrients, which help your body maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and its antioxidants help neutralize free radicals in your body and prevent DNA damage that can cause cancers. Noni Juice enhances the fighting power of white blood cells against several diseases, such as cancer, and it also has the ability to disrupt the blood networks supporting cancerous tumors.

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