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Our 100% Pure Noni Capsules (morinda citrifolia) is referred to by many people as the “Hawaiian Miracle Medicine.” Because of Noni Juice has foul smell and unpleasant flavor; people choose to take the capsules form instead. Noni is a small evergreen tree, which bears a fleshy, yellow fruit. The fruit is ground to a fine pulp, frozen, freeze-dried and encapsulated. Our 100% pure Hawaiian Noni contains nutritional enzymes, anthraquinones and polysaccharides, all known to have various health benefits. Noni truly is a whole-body tonic.
What is Noni Juice? What is Noni Drink? What is Morinda Citrifolia (Juice)?
Noni fruit, its juice and other noni components from leaves, bark and roots, have been known and used for centuries in Polynesia and Asia as vitamin and mineral rich natural food supplements. The native Polynesians have also used the fruit, leaves and juice of the morinda citrifolia plant as favorite health tonics and skin care aids. To this day, Polynesians consider the plant to be very beneficial in preserving healthy bodies. Noni juice has been called “The feel good Tonic” by many Polynesians. Thousands of people use noni products every day and are convinced of their benefits.

Many scientific studies have been and are being conducted to determine the efficacy of the product and serveral have shown positive results.

Noni fruit, noni juice and noni leaves contain unique phytonutrients, selenium, xeronine and its precursor- proxeronine phytonutrients nourish the body’s cells, tissues and organs. They also fight damage caused by aging, harmful chemicals and pollution. Selenium is a naturally occurring antioxidant. Xeronine functions at the cellular level to promote cellular regeneration, stimulate cellular function, and regulate enzyme reactions in the body. Unfortunately, injury, stress, trauma, and emotional upset are believed to lower xeronine levels, thus making the body susceptible to various disease conditions.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 capsules
Serving per container 45
Amount per serving%Daily Values
Noni Extract (as Marinda Citrifolia)1000mg
*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Glycerin. No starch, no sugar, no preseratives, no artificial color or flavor added.

Suggested Usage: As a dierary supplement, take two capsules daily noni.

Recommendation for taking the Noni capsules:

Noni Capsules should be taken on an empty stomach at least 1/2 hour before a meal, so that your system will absorb it faster. If two noni capsules are taken each day, they may be taken together at one time, or you may split them up by taking one noni capsule 1/2 hour before breakfast and one noni capsule 1/2 hour before lunch.

Those people who have never taken Noni before in any form, such as the “juice”, should start off by taking 2 capsules a day for 5 days, then rest for 2 days. Then take 2 capsules a day for another five days, then rest again for 2 days. The reason for the 2 day rest is to allow your system to accept and absorb the Noni better, and you should feel some results at the end of this 2-week period. If you are already accustomed to taking Noni then the 2 day rest periods are not necessary.

After the 2-week period, you may continue to take 2 capsules a day or take 2 capsules every other day, or you may even cut down to 1 capsule a day or 1 capsule every other day. Use your own discretion in increasing or decreasing the amount of Noni capsules you take based on how “good” and “well” you feel.

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